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U.S. ranks 28th in life expectancy while we pay the MOST for health care | Mail Online

Datos de la OCDE sobre esperanza de vida. Lo que me ha resultado más interesante no es el artículo en sí, que no dice nada nuevo, sino los comentarios. Voy a pegar algunos porque no tienen desperdicio.
U.S. ranks 28th in life expectancy while we pay the MOST for health care | Mail Online:

1. Japan: 86.4
2. Spain: 84.9
3. Switzerland: 84.6
4. France: 84.4
5. Australia: 83.9
6. Korea: 83.8
7. Israel: 83.5
8. Finland: 83.5
9. Sweden: 83.4
10. Iceland: 83.3

24. Chile: 79.5
26. Czech Republic: 80.5
27. Estonia: 80.1
28. Poland: 80

Considering that the OECD is a left wing organization in bed with out own neo-commies here in the states, I wouldn't be surprised if the data were cooked to give the appearance of a significant difference in life expectancy between people in the country that works the hardest and plays the hardest, versus the hammock classes in the rest of the collapsing socialist world. our costs are higher because many of us can afford to have elective surgery to repair things such as my bad knee and shoulder, instead of suffering through pain. We don't yet have a collapsing socialist health care system which can't afford elective, quality of life surgeries because it can hardly keep up with the demand for "free" basics services. We're working on instituting one of those failing systems though. But I'm sure there is an apples to oranges comparison of life expectancy rates to make the stats look damning. But life expectancy is not the only measure of a quality health care system.

Give me a break. Of course Greeks live longer than Americans..Americans work their rear ends off! Those of us who have a job, get a minute of vacation time, work a job for 3 people, and if you have a baby you barely get 3 months maternity leave. The Greeks? Give me a break! 80% of them are on gov't assistance..that goes for every other socialized nations. As for insurance cost...if we didn't have every loser from outside the country sneaking in for the best insurance in the world, we wouldn't be paying so much. Does Greece or Spain pay for Americans who just sneak in? I doubt it. America has put up with enough.

Who cares if you live past 80? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN 80 YEAR OLD? MOST ARE bed ridden or crippled. and you are easy targets for the muggers that inhabit left wing societies

The reason for this is that the United States has an aging population combined with an ever growing underclass many of whom are in poverty yet obese, diabetic or both. They shun preventative care and when they do eventually show up at a health care facility a majority of the damage is already done. This group already receives "free" health care. The reason that in many respects that it's so expensive is that you've got a government bureaucracy administering it with all of it's inefficiencies. These inefficiencies will only grow system wide once Obamacare gets implemented. So really the reasons are two fold. An aging population with government provided insurance who are being provided very expensive end of life treatments along with an underclass who tend to live an unhealthy lifestyle and shun medical treatment.

I'm not sure matters are helped by the fact that we're fat and lazy. If the average American was as healthy as the average Swede, I'd be curious to see how the statistics would change.

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