lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

En Irán van a 128 kbps desde 2006.

image Y no es por motivos técnicos, es que lo ordena su gobierno.

En el guardian: Iran bans fast internet to cut west's influence

En blogs: Slow down ! Internet speed limit is 128kbs

En la Wikipedia: Internet censorship in Iran

Internet connection speed restrictions

In October 2006, the Iranian government ordered all ISPs to limit their download speeds to 128kbit/s for all residential clients and internet cafes. Although no reason for the decree was given, it is widely believed the move was designed to reduce the amount of western media (e.g. films and music) entering the country.[21] There is also a newfound state awareness of how domestically produced content considered undesirable can pervade the internet, highlighted by the 2006 controversy over the appearance of a celebrity sex tape featuring a popular Iranian soap opera actress (or a convincing look-alike).[1] (See the Iranian sex tape scandal)

As of 2010, most major ISPs in Tehran offer 1Mbit/s for 2,190,000 Rials/Month (around 220 Dollars/Month), 2Mbit/s for 3,950,000 Rials/Month (around 400 Dollars/Month) for unlimited data traffic. 1Mbit/s with 2GB traffic limitation costs 189,000 Rials/Month (around 19 Dollars/Month). Note these prices are just for Tehran. Prices are usually higher in other cities. Restriction for the residential client speed of 128Kb/s is still in place and the speeds mentioned above are just for offices and commercial firms.

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