domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Peak oil.

Precio, demanda, reservas.

Teoría del pico de Hubbert. En la Wikipedia. Muy completo.

Peak oil: what does the data say?

Peak oil predictions graphic

"If a picture is worth one thousand words, then The Oil Age Poster is worth one million words because people can not only see the oil production Hubbert's peaks in many countries and regions, but also read the facts proving that global peak oil is both inevitable and quite probably imminent."

- U.S. Congressman R. Bartlett
Maryland (Republican)

Colorful and authoritative, this poster traces the history of the Oil Age from its beginnings in the hills of western Pennsylvania in 1859 to its rise as the engine of global industrial economies. The poster's main chart features a year-by-year rendering of worldwide oil production from 1859 to 2050 with projections of future production based on Colin Campbell's Oil Depletion Model. Historical annotations as well as detailed data on production, trade and reserves make this poster a versatile tool for presenting the realities and implications of global oil production and its impending peak. (Size: 36" wide by 24" tall)


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