martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

¿Cómo es posible que un dictador llegue al poder desde la democracia?

English: Portrait of Adolf Hitler.Artículo en Forbes intentando explicar cómo es posible que un dictador llegue al poder en democracia, a través del paradigmático ejemplo de Hitler.

How Dictators Come To Power In A Democracy

Lo más interesante son las conclusiones, porque la historia ya nos la conocemos.

  • Lessons for us today:
  • Bad economic policies and foreign policies can cause crises that have dangerous political consequences.
  • Politicians commonly demand arbitrary power to deal with a national emergency and restore order, even though underlying problems are commonly caused by bad government policies.
  • In hard times, many people are often willing to go along with and support terrible things that would be unthinkable in good times.
  • Those who dismiss the possibility of a dictatorial regime in America need to consider possible developments that could make our circumstances worse and politically more volatile than they are now – like runaway government spending, soaring taxes, more wars, inflation and economic collapse.
  • Aspiring dictators sometimes give away their intentions by their evident desire to destroy opponents.
  • There’s no reliable way to prevent bad or incompetent people from gaining power.
  • A political system with a separation of powers and checks & balances – like the U.S. Constitution – does make it more difficult for one branch of government to dominate the others.
  • Ultimately, liberty can be protected only if people care enough to fight for it, because everywhere governments push for more power, and they never give it up willingly.

Muy apropiado para los tiempos en los que vivimos.

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